What do other parents say about Chase Ranch Montessori School?
Chase Ranch Montessori School
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A student walks the labyrinth on the playground
A graduation ceremony at Chase Ranch Montessori
Student “cooks” enjoy their feast.
[NOTE: Student names redacted for privacy!] I wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding job that you and your entire staff have done this year. My child has grown by leaps and bounds in every way, and I give full credit to you and your wonderful program. With several hurdles in place before my child arrived and the open ended possible variables to follow, I can honestly say that you saved, nurtured, and replenished her emotional state. I’m thankful that you were light years ahead of me on that one, Jill, truly thankful. My child and I are both better people because of you. Thank you. -- D. M. -------------------------------------------- I just wanted to take the time to say "thank you"... Last night, my child was sent home with his FIRST homework assignment for Pre-K. Not only was he SO excited about this... He was such a BIG boy in getting organized, using his manners, being prepared and ready to complete the assignments! I asked if he needed ANY assistance and he graciously said "No, mommy. I can do this!" I honestly have to say I was astounded at how well he completed the assignments, ALL by himself, how he did it in a timely manner and all correctly! WOW! I am a proud beaming parent! I would like to personally thank Ms. Sandra and all her efforts in teaching my child for I believe he has done unbelievable well. Again I can't thank you and your staff enough for the growth my child has shown being a student at Chase Ranch Montessori... -------------------------------------------- 13 years ago when I was looking for a preschool for my daughter, I knew as soon as I walked into Chase Ranch that it was just the type of school I wanted my child to attend. Four years later, my son attended and now so many years later, I have a four year old that is just thriving at Chase Ranch. I highly recommend this school for a great beginning to any child's education. -- S. H. -------------------------------------------- I have been impressed with the school from the beginning because the teachers have taken the time to get to know the children and understand what makes them unique. -- C. B. -------------------------------------------- [The following was received after the butterflies project where caterpillars change into butterflies that are then released.] My son had quite a discussion about the butterflies during dinner last night. He said one of his was eaten by a bird, another flew so high he thinks it went to space and/or even high enough to reach heaven, and one had landed on his shoulder. He was very excited about this project and even had given me a countdown, daily, on how many butterflies had hatched even before I had asked him. Thank you again for such a wonderful learning project that my son had a chance to enjoy within the school. -- T. W. -------------------------------------------- I went to one other preschool. I was interested because they stated they followed the Montessori curriculum as well as incorporating dance and art. Although the director was informative, I must say there is no comparison. Your school is so welcoming and warm. I didn't get that vibe at all from this other school. Needless to say, it made my decision so much easier. All weekend my daughter was holding things and saying, "Miss Jill showed me this is how you hold it!" It was so reassuring. -- C. -------------------------------------------- Jill manages and promotes a safe and caring environment for youngster to learn and developed life skills. She does this with heart and soul 24/7, 365 days a year. Children become and stay curious in all aspects of life including, social skills, personal care, self control, learning by watching, learning by doing and learning by teaching others with constant peer to peer interaction, all of this in the areas of language, sciences, and math. The techniques Jill uses to develop motor skills throughout the curriculum help the children develop self confidence that comes into play in all aspects of social development and learning in general, creating a cycle of ever more development. An impressive part of what Jill does is to keep her staff always in a state of harmony. This allows for setting up the stage where children come to develop day in and day out. Jill has been a blessing in our lives since Monday October 5th 2009. I cannot and will not forget the day we entered into the Chase Ranch Montessori micro cosmos owned, managed, and cared for by our beloved Miss Jill Lutz, a responsible human-being with a BIG heart. -- R.G. ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you to you and the staff for all the amazing work you do. We are so blessed to have such a caring, nurturing and supportive environment for our son to learn and grow. Thank you for the wonderful tea party! I know it takes a lot of planning a coordination, but is a really nice treat and makes the kids feel good that they can do something for their Moms. I would love to help with cooking day next week. You can count me in. --J.K. ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for touring [our family] through your school on Thursday. I truly appreciate the time you spent with us and allowing our son to get a little peek at what he can expect. My husband and I have been researching many different schools over the last three months and your school was the last tour we had scheduled. As soon as I walked in, I knew this was the school I wanted my son to attend. Your facility is so warm, he loved the animals and this is perfect transition from home to school. My husband is very focused on the academics while I’m much more centered on manners, leadership, values, strength, and community. We both felt you have a strong blend of these and an excellent direction on words used with the children. -- H. B. ------------------------------------------------------------ This School and Its Teachers are Great! I have taught Martial arts in the El Cajon area for 28 years and have seen the product that Chase Ranch and Jill produce . So it was a easy choice for me when it came time to pick a preschool for the two most precious little people in my life. Jill is a passionate and skilled educator who takes the trust you put in her very seriously. It been two years since my youngest graduated from Chase Ranch and I have to say I am very pleased with the foundation and skills both my daughters acquired while attending school there. This school is a great investment into your child's future! I have continued to recommend this school to the families in my studio. -- Sifu Martin Ferreira Chief Instructor White Dragon of East County ------------------------------------------------------------ Outstanding "guides"/teachers, excellently run by the Director (Jill), and a wonderful set of classrooms filled with great prompts & lessons - oh and they have frogs, salamanders, a guinea pig, and more: Last month they had a large netted-display set up in the classroom with caterpillars who turned into cocoons and then became painted lady butterflies - the kids got to release them into their lovely yard to fly away. It was so cool and my daughter was enthralled! She talked about the progress of the butterflies every day. Lovely shaded yard with loads of imaginative play structures. Check out this school and be ready to put your name on the waiting list! -- A.P. ------------------------------------------------------------ Jill -- I just wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for doing what you do for each and every child that enters your program. I am truly amazed that in just one week of my child attending we have see such a great impact at home and his increased wanting to learn. Again, Thank you. -- S&J G. ------------------------------------------------------------ We cherish the great curriculum you have there at the Chase Ranch Montessori school and will always be thankful for your grace, instruction, and program that you have put forward for the education of our son. It shows in both his behavior and curiosity towards everyday life and we are thankful to you and your staff. -- D.T. ----------------------------------------------------------- My daughter really enjoyed her time at Chase Ranch for two years. The curriculum is amazing and the teachers are attentive, reinforcing positive behavior and a love of learning. The lessons are unique and very much centered in the real world and nature. The school is a beautiful, organized environment. A very special place for kids! -- A. C. ----------------------------------------------------------- I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate Ms. Michelle and her quick and efficient check out system when I come to pick [my child] up at the end of the day. As a parent, after a long day of work, it's nice to come to the school, have your child ready to go, his stuff ready and have a sign out system facilitated by the teacher. It makes for a quick pick up process. I really appreciate it. Thank you, -- C. S. ---------------------------------------------------------- Both of my children have attended Chase Ranch Montessori School. I am consistently amazed around the knowledge my children possess as a result of their education at Chase Ranch. My daughter is now at a public elementary school and is reading a grade above her class. My son is also now showing signs of advancement in both academics and practical life. I believe this school will provide a strong foundation for early childhood development and future academic success. -- A.M. ---------------------------------------------------------- -- We feel incredibly fortunate there was room for our daughter to attend Chase Ranch. She was there for 2.5 years and would still be there if we hadn't moved. It has been a rough challenge finding a school that meets the bar that Mrs. Jill and her staff had set. Our daughter has developed impressive confidence, independence, self awareness and had a consistent growth with this school. She has come home on several occasions and taught us about the continents, cultures of the world, different mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, plants, food and songs! And so so much more. This year she started to read and write so beautifully! The art projects are so creative and thoughtful it has been hard to decipher which ones (all of them. Ha!) to keep. She was always excited to go to school and frequently asked to stay for daycare because she enjoyed school so much. Not to mention the daycare is kind of like a play date since there are fewer kids and then they get to play with Legos which our daughter really enjoyed. We miss our school an awful lot. -- T.L. ---------------------------------------------------------- Hi Jill, just wanted to share with you that Sean Michael was accepted into UCSD for Molecular and cellular biology, one of 97,000 applicants. You and your little school had a part in his success. -- J.C. --------------------------------------------------------- CRMS was such a positive first school experience. My very shy and attached child received a lot of care and extra attention from the teachers and students, as she adjusted to her new school environment. Ms. Jill was very responsive to my questions and concerns. She has put a lot of time and energy into developing the thematic curriculum and activities, and it shows. I loved the emphasis on nature at the school and the beautiful outdoor space. We will miss the staff and school so much! -- A.B. --------------------------------------------------------- I just wanted to send a note of thanks, again, for all that you and the school are doing for our family so far. My child talks so highly of you and Miss Michelle (she’s just getting to know Jill now, so I’m sure we’ll hear more about how awesome she is too, Jill). I wanted to tell you a few things that are so important to us and that we didn’t know we needed until we found your school. 1) The individualism that you allow the kids at CRMS is truly amazing. I love that my child created her own poster and can bring her own cup, place mat, and even was allowed to have Mister Moose sit on the rug today! My child loves sharing things about herself and at the previous school she went too, she wasn’t allowed to bring anything special to her and I felt like it wasn’t helpful to her self-confidence. 2) I love that all of you ask specific questions about our family and remember the details. ... It makes it feel like a family when we drop my child off and it feels good to know you’re asking about her life and listening or making connections for her to get to know her friends at school better. 3) The kissing window is really a great thing to help us, as parents, feel like we’re leaving our kids in good hands and can give them one more smooch before we leave. While my child has had two rough morning drop-offs, it is nothing compared to the last school – every day was a challenge and it hurt us to leave her. 4) The kindness that you all have for each other, us and the children is truly authentic and (because we’ve been to experienced other school) it is really a gift to experience. I know that my child is learning all the important things about feelings, friendship, kindness, manners and community at your school (And I’m feeling reminded about how important these things are, too!) Thank you again and we are so grateful to have found you all at CRMS. ~J ------------------------------------------------------- I couldn’t have been happier to have my kids registered in a school that does nothing but educate and motivate them. You will always hold a place in our hearts! Thank you again for everything! -- M.H. ----------------------------------------------------------- We are so sad to leave Chase Montessori. We have had such great memories and our son loves going to school everyday. Every time I mention Chase Montessori to anyone, I mention how it’s such a loving, caring, nurturing, and a great learning environment. Our son has learned so much, and I know that that will help make the transfer to kindergarten easier. We love you and wish you nothing but the best !!! Love Always, The D Family
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