We have established a relationship with Child Development Associates (CDA) that offers the Alternative Payment Program (APP) to provide assistance to low-income families, or those who are currently receiving or have received CalWORKS cash aid assistance within the last 24 months. You may be eligible for free or reduced cost child care services! Assistance is available to families who live or work in San Diego County and meet income and need requirements. You can find out more about their program at their website. Their address and phone number is as follows: 180 Otay Lakes Road, Suite 300 Bonita, CA 91902 (619) 427-4411 Applying is easy: 1. Check your availability: Find out if your family is eligible. You can do this on their website. 2. Enroll in the program: One of their team members will help you apply and enroll for services. 3. Choose a provider: We know you will choose Chase Ranch Montessori School. 4. Approval: CDA will authorize yoru child care schedule and the maximum reimbursement amount to your provider. They offer free or reduced cost child care. 5. Child Care Begins: Your child starts care and continues to receive care for 12 months. We submit your attendance records and receive payment directly from CDA. Develop stability while you work or complete your education, so you can create a better life for you and your family Note: CDA may not pay for your entire tuition and also may not cover registration and other incidental fees, depending on your situation. These fees we must collect directly from you. Caution! If you change your status (get married, etc) they may wind up re-evaluating your funding.
Chase Ranch Montessori School
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