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FREEDOM The environment is designed for and belongs to the child. The child is free to use any apparatus in the room with which the child is familiar through demonstration by staff. The child may work on a table or a rug, whichever is suitable to the work chosen. The child has the right to work undisturbed and undistracted by others. He may initiate, repeat and complete an exercise alone without a break in his concentration cycle. The child has the freedom to move about the room as his needs dictate in the above rights. The child has the freedom as a social being to talk with others in the course of his activity. The child has a right to work alone. The child may work with another or in a small group where there is a mutual agreement or an invitation to join. The child has a right to occasionally "do nothing." The child has a right not to join a group activity. He may continue working with individual exercises or he may stand apart as an observer of group activities without becoming an active participant.
with RESPONSIBILITY The children restore the environment during and after an exercise. They are responsible for mopping up spills, rolling their own rugs, placing their chair under the table, and returning the work to the appropriate spot on the shelving. The child must use the equipment with respect -- without harming it, himself, or his classmates. Children may not use material in a way that would distract other workers. Children may not work on display shelves, as their presence there would obstruct the other children's access to the materials. Children may not touch the work of others unless invited by them to do so. No child is allowed to interfere with another's learning cycle. (This provides security for the involved child to work undistracted until completion.) If a child must leave his work temporarily, he can continue later, confident that he will find his work as he left it. The children should move about calmly, quietly, so as not to disturb the activity or privacy of any other children or the group as a whole. Running, jumping, or shouting disturb others. The child should speak kindly, quietly, and privately, respecting another's right to work without being disturbed. Children are not forced to share work. Generosity develops from within as a child matures and gains security and ego strength. In a sense, children share all the materials in the Montessori environment because when the materials are returned to the shelf, they are then available for another child. The children must respect each other and all others as with any individual activity in the pursuit of the common project, in no way interfering with or disturbing the work of others. Children learn in many ways while observing others, relaxing, wandering, etc. A child's idleness is respected as long as it does not distract other children from their work in any way. Children may not interfere or disrupt an activity they have chosen not to join, nor may they join and leave freely once they have made the choice. this is their responsibility to the group.
Ground Rules