Our enrollment period is in March and April for the following year starting in the Fall. We recommend that you take the following steps in your search for a school. VISIT: Visit our school and other schools in the area. Please compare, as we are confident that you will agree that this is the very best Montessori school in the area! CHECK QUALITY: Note the certifications on the wall at any school you might visit. Montessori Schools are not a franchise and there are no formal controls on the quality at each school. Instead, the certification and approach of the director and teachers at the school are of prime importance. WAITING LIST: Our school is small, and we are usually filled to capacity. Therefore, if you want to ensure your child's position at the school, we recommend that you get on our Waiting List. You will get first crack at any open spots, after our families that are already enrolled are offered positions. PHYSICAL EXAM: Don't put off getting a physical exam for your child, including the required shots. We can't let any children to attend without this paperwork! (However, these exams are not required for summer camp.) APPLY FOR OUR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM If you need a little help making your tuition payments, please apply for our scholarship program, to save $2000 per year! Once you are accepted into the program, you can continue as long as you stay at Chase Ranch Montessori School uninterrupted. Read more on this page: Scholarships
Chase Ranch Montessori School
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