Welcome to Chase Ranch Montessori School
Our curriculum is designed around a three-year preschool program, for children three, four, and five years of age. We encourage all our parents to stay in our program for the entire three years to get the most out of the most formative years of your child. We offer a full-day program designed for older children, kindergarten and first grade. A morning part-time program is offered for younger children. Children four years of age and older are encouraged to enroll in the full-day program. Children learn in many ways. Your child will be viewed as an individual, with special talents and strengths and with unique needs. The Montessori program will give your child experiences to develop skill in cognitive areas. Reading is one of the Chase Ranch Montessori's strongest subjects, and we present this to your child using phonetics and various tactics, such as using sandpaper letters, environmentally through labeled sight words, using phonetic readers, and then interspersing fiction and nonfiction leveled readers. Creative writing is encouraged with the moveable alphabet for even the earliest of readers, providing a sense of pride in accomplishment and confidence in their own ability. Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry lessons are visual manipulatives allowing the child to move gradually from concrete to abstract reasoning skills with solid mathematical comprehension. Sciences include: zoology, botany, geography and physics focusing the child's attention on the care, respect and responsibility for the planet. Children will also learn about the world around them through monthly themes, art, sewing, stories, and percussion instruments. Physical development needs are met through outdoor play and movement activities, which emphasize large and fine motor control. Field Trips Each year, the school organizes a number of field trips and extra-curricular activities. Some examples are below. (Some events listed below are not done every year, but if your child participates in at least a three-year program, they will likely get to all the fun stuff!). Back to School Night -- Parent Orientation School Picnic Holiday Program -- Performing Arts Mother's Night or Day Tea Father's Night Library Field Trip Pumpkin Patch San Diego Zoo Field Trip Farm visit (Llama Farm or Horse Farm) Retirement Home Visit Puppet Shows Dentist Program Visits by special animals to the school Butterfly Release Star Gazing Party Gardening and Bird Watching Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
Chase Ranch Montessori School
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Academic Room: Reading, Math, Geography, Physics
Practical Life and Sensorial Areas: New Learners Develop Gross and Fine Motor Skills and Learn at their own rate.